Here is the new putter.  The head is made from stainless steel and carbon fiber tubing. The golfer can adjust the lie, forward press, and weight.  It is offered for exclusive license with a utility patent (pending).  This is my best putter design and probably won’t be surpassed.  It is the best possible in terms of function, and the appearance is clean and elegant.

   The design resulted from maximizing the weight distribution to the front and rear of the head.  This weight distribution maximizes the sweetspot up and down on the face.  There is no noticeable difference in response when the ball hits high or low on the face compared to the middle, which is something no blade putter can do, and few if any mallet putters can do.  The sweetspot in the heel-toe dimension is also very big, probably bigger than the sweetspot of any popular putter.  This design is a theoretical variation of my four corner weighted putter, patent no.  4010958.

The putter is easy to scale up and down.  So far I have made a large and a small head.  The large head has a bigger MOI (sweetspot) than the small head, but some golfers prefer the look of a smaller head.   The large head has a special feature in which two to three balls can be picked up (shown below).

The small and large heads compared.  The steel bars are thicker on the smaller head, 12mm versus 10mm, so as to reach the required head weight.

Smaller head.

Smaller head.

Larger head.

Larger head.

Adjusting the lie.

Adjusting head weight by adding or removing washers on the bolt shafts inside the carbon fiber tubes.

Adjusting the forward press.

   Bonus feature: Pick up two or three balls at a time with the large head by pressing the head down on the balls.

This putter design will be protected by a utility patent as well as design patents.  A utility patent gives much better protection than a design patent.