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—-A secret principle: do not fight the ground.  Create your swing to minimize lateral ground forces where possible—

ShaftSaver Mat

Long Golf develops and sells its own golf products.  At present there are four products available for purchase:  PuttStraight, a laser swing training device for putting and chipping.   ShaftSaverMat and ShaftSaverMatRG are personal golf mats, fully sprung like the range mat.   Putter Fitter, an adjustable putter for fitting putters.  Putters and range mats are under development.  Instruction includes swing and putting techniques and exercises, and what is being researched in the author’s own technique.

Here is an instructional tip on video:

For inquiries and purchases, send us an email.  Include your country location for an offer.  Also on Ebay but not Amazon.

Email: golfmat2@longgolf.com

ShaftSaverMat (33,00 Eur)     

ShaftSaverMat RG (37,00 Eur) 

PuttStraight (30,00 Eur)

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