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We make golf mats (see below)


  Our Bed & Breakfast, located next to fields of deer and Golf Club Issum (in Germany).

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Divoting Golf Mat

Long Golf manufactures a new kind of golf mat that allows simulation of divot taking instead of bouncing the club.  It's not hard like regular mats and utilizes a special kind of softness that does not grab the clubhead. 


The Stance Mat (left) has a durable, firm rubber base (not foam) and replaceable turf on top. 99 cm by 78 cm. 11.7 kg.

The Hit Mat (right) has a patented sprung SoftStrip for low-impact divot simulation, a separate strip of regular mat material for the rubber tee, and a built-in ball tray.  100 cm by 55 cm.


The patented device is an artificial turf strip sitting on springs allowing for downward movement of the club over a long horizontal distance.  The strip moves downward under the clubhead as the club moves along.

The SoftStrip™ goes down to simulate a divot.

Your club will not bounce off the SoftStrip except when the club goes extremely deep, and even then the bounce is soft because the mat has absorbed most of the clubhead downward momentum.  Heavy or fat shots lose some distance, but do not suffer a clubhead bounce into the ball, a weird ball trajectory, or a shock to the golfer's body. 

The problems with typical driving range mats are the following: They are foam-based.  Foam-based mats are generally too hard.  They have a base that is too hard and gets harder over time.  They can produce misleading ball trajectories.  They bounce the club from a small impact spot.   They can make a fat shot look good.  They encourage "looking up" and "picking the ball."  Softer ones are too soft for standing on and may grab the club.  They are expensive to ship.  They develop depressions in the foam.  They hold water which is difficult to remove.  They must be rotated.  

To overcome all these limitations, we use a two mat system.  There is a "hit mat" from which the balls are struck, and a "stance mat" for the golfer to stand on.

The Hit Mat has three components: a fairway-like SoftStrip,™ a hard strip for the rubber tee, and a ball tray.

For turf shots, you hit from the patented SoftStrip.  The SoftStrip consists of nylon artificial turf mounted on a moderately flexible plate which in turn sits on springs.  By flexing downward, long "divots" are possible; longer than on real turf.   The friction between the turf and club is low, so the turf lasts quite long, a couple summers on a busy range, much longer if it's kept clean, and it's easy and inexpensive to replace.  For home use it lasts a lifetime.

The Hit Mat comes with a built-in ball tray located between the hit mat and stance mat. 

An incline allows a smooth roll of the ball onto the hit mat.


To stand on, the Firma™ Stance Mat provides firmer support, permanent flatness, and good water drainage. 

Instead of foam there is a honey-combed rubber base, so as to not develop low spots.

The nylon pile turf on the stance mat is replaceable too, but thanks to today's soft spikes, stance mats last a very long time.  There are drain holes in the turf to allow water to drain between the turf and base.


The hit mat and stance mat are connected together by two hooks.



      Additional Advantages

  • The turf sections from both mats, the hit mat and the stance mat, can be easily replaced.  Private users won't be needing this feature, as the mats won't wear enough to require replacement.

  •  All turf materials use 100% nylon fiber, which lasts longer than polypropylene.

  • The SoftStrip retains its cushion effect even with worn turf. 

  • Ranges may take advantage of a risk-free pay-for-use plan, where payment is only collected after each of four 6-month periods.

Notice: for the most efficient practice, you should have a way to measure if the path of the clubhead is inside-out or outside-in.  This can be done in a number of ways: by watching the ball flight on a range, by checking the ball spin on return from a wall or net, by video, or by other electronic device.  Long Golf will be coming out with an inexpensive device to display the clubhead path in the impact zone instantaneously.


Hit Mat:       140 €  (includes VAT)

Stance Mat:  110 €   (includes VAT)

Shipping charges for one set to German destinations: 12.90 €  Inquire for other destinations and quantities.

Warrantee: Permanent parts are warranted for five years.  Turf parts are warranted  for two years with a pro-rated replacement. 


For more information email to:  

golfmat1 "at" (substitute @ for "at")

To purchase, order directly from Long Golf by email. 


Long Golf

Pauenweg 68, 47661 Issum, Germany

02835 444331 from inside Germany

+ 49 2835 444331 from outside Germany


Impressum:  Owner of Long Golf is Steve Long at above address and telephone. 

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